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Wednesday, March 8th, 2006 at about 7:50 pm

3/8: light
words: 241
0 time: 15 minutes

There was a great big flash, everything just changed …

Danny woke from his recurring dream with a yelp. He fell out of bed and stumbled around in the dark until another flash filled his bedroom with a few seconds of light. A moment later thunder rolled, followed by more lightning; then came the rain. He signed and sat down on the hard floor among his discarded clothing, school books, and comic books, resting his head in his hands. Inside his chest, his heart began the process of returning to its normal rhythm.

“Just a summer storm,” he said. “Just another bad dream.”

Then he remembered. It wasn’t a dream. It had happened. The blinding flash of light, the powerful jolt that knocked him out; waking up to find everything had changed. He had changed.

At first it was horrible – the powers he suddenly had but couldn’t quite control, the foes (and sometimes friends) he had to fight – but as time passed, he learned how to use his powers and learned to accept his lot in life; he grew stronger and more confident each day.

Danny watched the water run in rivulets down his window a few moments, then made his way back to bed. The worst of the storm was past – thunder and lightning grew distant and even the nightmare was fading – and the boy snuggled down in his bed and dozed to the lullaby of the gently falling rain.

by Lisa-Marie Jordan