The Crash
October 1, 2002

At approximately 3:45, or there abouts, we were just sitting at our desks, minding our own business, when we heard the screech of tires from the street outside. There was no sickening crunching or thudding sounds following, so we all guessed it was another near miss, or someone squealing around the corner too quickly. A few lame, sarcastic comments were made, and we all went back to our business. A few minutes later, we heard the sirens, and that's when the news raced through the building that there had in fact been an accident at the intersection, and my friend DeeDee, who's office overlooks the intersection, had seen it, and called it in. Being the curious human creatures we are, we all scampered over to the nearest window facing the intersection for a look. I remembered my camera, and snapped a few shots.

According to witnesses (heh! i've always wanted to say that!), i.e., DeeDee, the little grey car was driving along, minding his own business, when the little white car, driven by a little blonde bimbo-type, decided to turn in front of him. Or, maybe she didn't decide exactly. She was blonde, after all, and very likely on her stupid cell phone; she was on the damnable thing when she emerged limping from her car. Therefore, I believe it's logical to assume, she didn't decide to make the turn in front of the other car, so much as she just did it without thinking.

While the firemen check the cars and soak up the fluid leaking from them, more police arrive to direct traffic and take people's statements. There's an ambulance, too, but since neither the Bimbo or the Victim appear to be too badly injured (thank God!), I doubt it will be needed.

This last picture is the best one I got of the victim and the perpetrator of the incident. I thought the phone pole separating them was a nice touch! The Blonde Bimbo, you'll notice is finally off the phone, is no longer limping, and is now fixing her hair, which was likely mussed a bit when her airbag deployed. The victim - a nice looking young man - also appears uninjured, and they've both finished speaking with the police.

While I've been a bit sarcastic about this whole thing, and perhaps a bit nasty towards the Bimbo (whom I don't even know; she might be a very nice person and feel terrible about the whole thing.), I am very grateful that no one was seriously injured in this incident. I refuse to call it "accident" because I don't believe it was. Accidents are unavoidable. This was an avoidable incident. The Bimbo obviously f[edited]d up and cut off the other car. She was either not paying attention (i.e., on the phone), thought she could beat him, or figured since she was young, blonde, and had perky t[edited]ts, that she had the right to go first. That is not an accident; that's a stupid girl behaving stupidly, selfishly, and without regard for other people. End of story.

And, one final note: don't bother flaming me with e-mails because I insulted a stupid little blonde girl. I would've treated a stupid little brunette or a stupid little redhead the same way. It was a stupid thing for her to do, period. The fact that she had blonde hair, just made the jokes fly that much faster.

© 2002 lmj (alias hez)